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Nov 7, 2015

Retronix Conference for Hi Reliability French Customers

Scottish Hospitality| Retronix-France Conference 2015

Retronix were delighted to host a 1.5 day In house seminar/workshop in conjunction with their French Representative. 8 different participants from 6 of the top Hi Reliability Companies from France like Safran, Megitt, Thales Alenia Space, Thales and Safran Assystem visited the facility in Scotland. 

The opportunity these days to physically demonstrate capabilities and solutions to industry issues is always difficult, with travel costs being controlled closely. Such is the level of interest in the Retronix services that several senior and influential members of companies chose to make the trip to Retronix. All parties were openly engaged in industry discussions and all left the event with a full taste of Scottish hospitality.

" These events give our customers a great opportunity to look at new and interesting processes without the distractions that being at work brings. What’s also invaluable is the opportunity to discuss the processes with their colleagues in similar companies to quicker draw a conclusion on the benefits of the processes " -  Mr. Tony Boswell (Managing Director | Retronix) 



The subjects covered in the conference included : 

  1. Problems faced by High Reliability Industries with Tin Whiskers | Click Here
  2. Solutions offered by Retronix using automated processes | Click Here
  3. IC Tests available to check for authenticity, fault, damage or counterfeit | Click Here
  4. Safe IC Recovery Methods (Obsolescence Solution) | Click Here
  5. Laser BGA Reballing Solutions | Click Here
  6. Special Guest Speaker : Mr.Philippe CHOCTEAU - IEC Reballing Standards

We are delighted to have received some very favourable feedback :


"visitors commented on how well the entire event was ran, how warm and open the discussions were and they commented on how beneficial it was to have the presentations and discussions followed up by the practical sessions ..... the evening hospitality was fantastic. " - Joe Tumilty (European Business Development Manager | Retronix)
" ...I take this opportunity to thank you and Retronix for the warm welcome we found. On the seminar there are several points that were positive include: Excellent logistics (transfer airport-hotel-Plant), Very good organization of the day (after first theory and practical), Grand opening and sharing with the gents in the factory, Interesting topics ..."



Scottish Hospitality Retronix-France Conference 2015


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