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Application Specific Reballing - LCC | LGA | QFN

Application Specific Balling and Reballing
LCC,LGA,PLCC Balling & Reballing


Retronix can provide other options for the balling or reballing of ICs dependent on the particular application issue or requirements.

Reball of BGAs with High Melting Point (HMP) Spheres

  • HMP reball process ensures minimum stand-off
  • Improved mechanical integrity over a wide operating temperature range
  • Can be used for high temperature applications

Reball of BGAs with Plastic Core Solder Balls (PCSB)

  • Ensures minimum stand-off
  • Lead free process
  • Provides better path length and inductance control for RF/microwave circuits


BGA Reballing

First Time Ball Attachment of LGA/QFN/LCC Packages

  • High Melting Point (HMP) or Plastic Core Solder Balls (PCSB)
  • Increases the stand-off height
  • Improved mechanical integrity over a wide temperature range
  • Better management of package to substrate TCE differences

Laser Balling on Specialist Substrates

  • Minimal heat transfer to substrate allows ball attach without reflow
  • Can be used on glass and other substrates
  • Specialist packaging
  • Medical devices
  • WLCSP and CSP products


Reballing on specialist Electronic Components

For more information on the different applications of Balling & Reballing contact us by clicking here - Contact page