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Automated Alloy Conversion from Lead Free to Lead for the High Reliability Industries

For Defence, Aerospace, Medical etc.
PCB Services

Full BOM Alloy Conversion for High-Reliability PCBA

Watch a short video that explains the process shown below :


The Traditional Method as shown, results in a lot of administration inefficiencies and higher costs :
1) The OEM/CEM places an order with its authorised IC supplier ; forced to purchase it in Lead Free format, as the industry has moved on to Lead Free and procuring already Lead Solder Components will prove to be difficult.
2) The IC Supplier then sends the entire parts list (lead free) to the OEM/CEM; who then have to record it in the system as received corresponding to the part number assigned.
3) The OEM/CEM will then send it to a certified safe Alloy Conversion company as Retronix to convert these parts from Lead Free to Lead. (Click Here to see how Retronix do this)
4) Once the conversion is done Retronix assign a new part number to each device (which are now lead solder parts) and send it back to the OEM/CEM; they have an entirely new parts list number to register in and adds to administration inefficencies, time and therefore takes the cost up. 
1) The OEM/CEM places an order with their authorised IC supplier.
2) The full conversion process is taken care of by Retronix working directly with the IC Supplier to an agreed understanding with the OEM/CEM
3) The parts once converted are supplied to the OEM/CEM with the parts list corresponsing to the Leaded Parts.
Therefore this process not only saves a huge administration, but also saves time and therefore results in increased efficiency and lower costs.

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