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Ground Radar SystemA customer was building a ground based radar system but had a shortage of a BGA that had went obsolete. They could only locate that part on the grey market..

- May 9, 2016

Large BGAs'The electronics industry is driven by demand. Advances in semiconductor technology including smaller geometries have allowed more processing power to be added to IC's. Increasing requirements in speed and power have lead to an increase in use of large BGA's - Apr 6, 2016

Retronix- Scottish Business PledgeThe Scottish Business Pledge is a voluntary commitment to embrace principles of fairness, equality, opportunity and innovation. - Feb 16, 2016

Supply SnPb parts directly to OEM/CEMThe Supply Chain just got shorter. Now Retronix are dealing with IC Distributors to supply SnPb parts direct to the end users. - Dec 14, 2015

Retronix are delighted to report that the scope of the ISO certificate now covers many of our In-House Testing Processes as well. - Dec 8, 2015

Factronix - Retronix @COGRetronix were delighted to attend the COG Quarterly Meeting held at Cologne, Germany. - Dec 1, 2015

Retronix were delighted to host a 1.5 day In house seminar/workshop in conjunction with their French Representative. 8 different participants from 6 of the top Hi Reliability Companies visited the facility in Scotland.
- Nov 7, 2015

IC RepairRetronix has introduced automation of IC lead straightening/repair. Our automatic leg realignment systems guarantee there will be no manual interference in the repair process. - Oct 9, 2015

Retronix-Amtest Group enter into a parntershipThe strategic partnership was formalised last week when Mr.Anton Kollar from Amtest Czech Republic and Mr. Richard Duris from Amtest Slovakia visited the Retronix facility in Scotland. 

- Sep 17, 2015

The Test department of Retronix has recently invested in state of the art equipment and is forecasted to have great growth potential. The candidate has the opportunity to be a part of one of the fastest growing business units of the company. 

- Sep 7, 2015